Smart Phone,
Smart Life!

Using its smartness to the hilt, the Smartphone of the 21st century is a no short of a life companion


Nouveau Today, Obsolete Tomorrow

Change is the only constant. Consumers are bombarded from each possible communication channel (be it TV, internet, print) about a better, cheaper, faster gadget that can simplify life in an unimaginable way. So there’s a high definition camera with crystal clear clarity, perfect scanner with encryption, fax status facility and a calculator are built in each mobile phone. Want more? How about a Smart watch that does calculation, provides wearer with fun games, shows you directions, gives groovy music; besides the customary function of showing time. Cutting edge technology is so ubiquitous today that it makes gadgets ephemeral; the life span of any hyped product is so short that by the time a consumer gets the hang of using it efficiently, it will be replaced by a faster, improved version or the underlying technology may become obsolete all together.

Nouveau Today, Obsolete Tomorrow
The mobile phone arena is probably the place where discerning consumers are spoilt for choice every week. Screens were replaced bigger HD screens; touch screen technology was supposed to be path breaking, but keyboard less smartphones may not be a distant dream. The much applauded 3D technology in mobile phones; pioneered by HTC’s EVO 3D and LG’s Optimus 3D, will be swept aside comfortably by holographic phones (à la a Hollywood super hero or a science fiction film). Apple Inc.’s once-path-breaking voice assistant Siri is now being remodeled to feature regional dialects. Dual core is passé. The latest is quad core processor technology. Graphics heavy apps can run like a breeze along with web browsers and an incoming call doesn’t drop off unceremoniously thanks to quad core power.

Nouveau Today, Obsolete Tomorrow

Sleek design, improved version and even more beautiful implementation are what these gadgets are all about. The Liverscribe smartpen is a scribe’s dream; recording every byte and sending notes in a blink. Audio docking stations which are used for docking smartphones and listening to tub thumping music, have made music CDs and recorders redundant. Clichéd mass produced models are being given a run for their money by 3D printers. 3D printing was unheard of a few decades ago; today it is no longer fantastical.

There’s a huge wave of wearable gadgets. Fitness bands are being clubbed with wrist watches (LG’s Lifeband Touch, Sony Ericsson’s SmartBand), watches are being integrated with smartphone. The results: hybrid gadgets that function like a customized personal logger, doing everything for its master, at the touch of a button. Forget the chunky cameras of the past that weighed a little less than a dumbbell. Smartphones equipped with mega pixel HD cameras were supposed to take photography to the next level but 360° panoramic camera like the Panonoare surely going to make photographers and graphic designers smile. The jack-of-all-trades smartphone and the programmatically more powerful tablet were merged into a phablet (Samsung’s Galaxy Note being the most commercially successful phablet ventures, a superior version of Dell’s Streak). Mobile connected devices are leading the way when it comes to latest technology. Laptops convertibles into more movable and less tethering tablets are the way forward. Public buses, clothes, smartphones, watches etc., are all being connected through web; making the need of thousands of different gadgets, near zero.

Gizmos no longer behave as water tight compartments delivering just one task efficiently. They cater like a personal butler, doing everything with proficiency. Speaking gadget wise, the world of tomorrow looks less cluttered and very connected. Today’s ‘smartphone’ might look dumber in comparison to the future offerings. A gadget that outdoes the need of access card, biometric identification, plugging in or even holding in one’s hand may be closer in the horizon than we can think of. What might seem like a promo of a super budget Hollywood movie might be a snapshot of how technology will function a few years from now.