Smart Phone,
Smart Life!

Using its smartness to the hilt, the Smartphone of the 21st century is a no short of a life companion


Smart Phone, Smart Life

A swipe, a button click, a small tinkling bell like alert, the shutter sound of a camera, the sexy voice of a voice assistant – small sounds made by the omnipresent, super-fast and efficient smartphone. Smart is the mobile phone today and smarter is our life; thanks to it. It handles all the daily chores- shopping, cooking, getting career advice, connecting with friends, setting alarms, alerting near and dear ones, tracking the morning jog, sending emails, counting steps, taking selfies, getting the daily game fix, scanning documents, reading newspaper and the not so daily chores – investing in stocks, sending electronic money, calculating forex values, booking flight tickets, going through maps, knowing weather for a destination etc., with much élan. When buying a smart phone, capacity of the phone book and quicker number dial are probably the last items on the wish list of buyers today. HD, touch screen, a HD quality mega pixel cameras, latest OS, Bluetooth enabled, dual core processor, a smooth stylus, a voice assistant are de facto in any trending smartphone. It’s truly a life companion; sometimes even more responsive and flexible than a real life partner!

Ericsson is said to have coined the word ‘Smart Phone’. And it is smarter in more ways than one. A complete departure from the heavy weight cellphones of the bygone era, which came with barely visible screens and chunky keypads, today’s mobile phones are sleek, slender, sometimes studded with diamonds and even made of gold. Whether it’s a globetrotting executive who needs a smartphone that adjusts its settings with varying time zones, a trendy graduate who wants to surf, chat, connect or a laid back artist who wants to capture moments, paint and add graphics to his creations, anything can be done on the smartphone; it has become an extension of the user’s persona. It has something for everyone, for every walk of life.

Unlike most other industries, the telecom market is absolutely buzzing each week with a new smartphone arrival and industry bigwigs- Dell, HTC, LG, Samsung, Pantech, Sony Ericsson, T-Mobile, ZTE, Apple, whip up something lucrative for the buyers; even the so called budget smartphones makers like Xiaomi launch phones that make even the high end cellphone makers feel the heat. Buyers are in turn ready to spend up to $850 for a single smartphone. People today save their hard earned money less for their future and more for their next BIG buy of an even smarter phone.

Latest buzz words and technologies in the smartphone industry are biometric identification, newer shapes (Blackberry’s Passport Smartphone), real gold finish, a second camera lens,  heart rate monitor, water-sand-dust resistant design (no need of outer case), epic battery life etc.

Smart Phone, Smart Life

What makes the current smartphone outdo any other electronic devices from the past are the various apps (short for mobile application or application software).  These speedy computer programmes can deliver amazing information and mindboggling content in a blink of an eye. There’s an app for every possible human activity today- from learning French, organising podcasts and editing images, reading a book, finding the latest culinary exploration, booking movie tickets to measuring sleep.

App stores (short for Application Store) is an online platform to buy and upgrade apps. Picture it as an online store, every app is rated, reviewed and info is provided about its underlying platform, size, features etc. And they are a hit among every buyer. Given the popularity for Android platform, there’s a wider choice for apps on Android (OS).For it is the ‘app’, which takes the smartphone from good to ‘wow’.

It can be safely said that the smartphone has made it place secure in the electronic world. It’s the user’s identity today. The US Supreme Court has even issued ‘No cellphone searches without warrant’ rule; clearly the possessing a user’s cellphone data today gives much more personal and private life history than a mere physical frisking. The smartphone watches, listens, connects, shows life in an unprecedented way.